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Salmon Sushi Bodybuilding Diet

Salmon Sushi Bodybuilding Diet

If you are a sushi lover or not there yet – add Salmon Sushi to your Bodybuilding Diet!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Forget the apple; bring me a plate of a salmon sashimi or a sushi. If there’s a single bodybuilding food that’s superior to others  it’s got to be fish. Why?

Valid reasons: It’s an excellent protein source, containing all of the essential amino acids, and the fat found in fish (the omega-3 fatty acids) is head and shoulders above all other fats when it comes to a whole slew of benefits, including inhibiting tumor growth and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, scientists have found that eating oily fish like salmon, tuna or bluefish can block dangerous irregular heart rhythm. But I’m sure cardiac arrhythmia is the last thing on the minds of young guys banging weights in the gym.

Sushi becomes one of the most known fast foods out there and is eaten all over the world. Even if someone hasn’t tried it, they have at least heard its name.  But popularity comes with a price and sushi seems to have been a victim of many misconceptions. So it would be best to clear off all the false statements so that if you plan to include salmon, mackerel and seaweed sushi in your bodybuilding diet, you don’t have any hesitations.

GAINING MUSCLE, as you well know, is a matter of protein synthesis exceeding protein degradation. Certain proteins, such as whey, promote elevations in protein synthesis; on the other hand, casein is an excellent anti catabolic protein and inhibits protein degradation. FISH FAT, specifically EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid,  is an omega-3 fatty acid. It is has been shown to “downregulate ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis” associated with muscle wasting, or muscle-protein catabolism. Translation: Taking in EPA or FISH FAT has an anticatabolic effect.

For instance, a study recently examined 20 patients with pancreatic cancer who were losing significant amounts of body weight. They took a nutritional supplement providing 600 kilocalories and 2 grams of eicosapentanoic acid per day, and after three weeks there was a significant increase in serum insulin concentration, a fall in the cortisol-to-insulin ratio and decreases in factors related to proteolysis. The investigators believed these changes were related to the 1 kilogram weight gain seen in these patients. Clearly, the rise in insulin assists the anabolic processes, as does the drop in cortisol-to-insulin ratio. A two-gram dose of EPA could likely be covered by six to 10 ounces of raw salmon;

It is also obtained in the human diet by eating  any other oily fish or fish oil — e.g., cod liver, herring, mackerel and sardine, and various types of edible seaweed. However, fish do not naturally produce EPA, but obtain it from the algae they consume. Next time order salmon or mackerel sushi – mix them up with seaweed salad plate!

Keep in mind that different proteins exert different physiological effects. Cod protein, for instance, has effects unlike soy or casein. You’re probably familiar with cod (as in cod liver oil), but nutrients in that cold-water fish function in an intriguing way, according to emerging research. In one study, three groups of rats ate a high-fat diet in which the protein source was casein, cod or soy. Those rats were compared to a control group that ate regular rat chow. High-fat feeding led to severe whole-body and skeletal-muscle insulin resistance in casein- or soy protein-fed rats; however, cod protein prevented the development of insulin resistance. In essence, the cod-fed rats could dispose of glucose with much less insulin than casein- or soy-fed rats. Interestingly, the benefits of cod weren’t related to any changes in body weight or fat mass—meaning there’s something unique about the peptides or protein in cod that accounts for greater rates of insulin-stimulated glucose uptake. Something special about fish proteins makes them superior to milk-based or soy proteins. If I had to choose between chicken breasts or fish (cod, salmon, tuna), I’d go fish.

And more! Salmon is also THAT super food that can increase TESTOSTERONE hormone levels. The high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, THE GOOD FAT your body needs to produce healthy levels of testosterone. It’s also a rich source of protein and vitamin D. Research indicates vitamin D plays an important role in prostate health.

Salmon Sushi Bodybuilding Diet

Know Your Rolls: The Good and Bad of Sushi Bodybuilding Diet 

Q. Is sushi a raw fish?
A. Not ALL sushi are raw fish. Raw fish would be call sashimi. Raw fish with rice ball underneath would be call Nigiri. Sushi rolls are call Maki.

Q. Is consuming sushi healthy?
A.Yes, sushi is healthy as well as good for bodybuilding diet plans but many Japanese-Western restaurants offer sushi that isn’t healthy. Meaning it is filled with unhealthy ingredients like mayonnaise. But of course, select the proper sushi and it’s great for your nutrition needs, especially protein.

Q. Is sushi found at buffets really sushi?
A. Sushi is not normally served at buffets, they are more of a table dinner type food but if some Chinese restaurant specializes in sushi at buffet style, it is probably fine. But before consuming the sushi, you should look it through as they’ve been out for some time and sometimes very low quality fish is used in it.

Eating the right, proper type of sushi equals your body getting good amounts of protein, fish oil, omega acid, vitamins and minerals. Typically, the sushi that is sold in America and Australia contains:

  • Raw or processed fish
  • Chicken
  • Omelet
  • Sushi Rice – and best is brown rice!
  • Seaweed
  • Vinegar
  • Imitation crab meats
  • Mayonnaise
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber

As obvious, all of the ingredients in it are good and healthy except for the imitation crab meat and mayonnaise. Imitation crab meats are very low in calories, having about 70 calories in every four sticks of meat, and about 2 sticks are placed in the sushi, but if it is with mayonnaise, it becomes very unhealthy and fattening, which isn’t good at all for your  bodybuilding diet.

Just eating sachimi, raw fish is great for your diet, but many people tend to cringe at the fact of eating raw fish, so if sachimi is not for you, then you can have spicy salmon roll ( protein + omega-3 fatty acid) or spicy tuna ( protein + zero fat!) rolls which are super healthy.

If you’re trying to keep your calories in control and down then go for imitation crab meat without mayonnaise or tuna only and keep the sesame oil in low amounts. Having brown rice would also be a healthy option for your bodybuilding diet.

Sushi Bodybuilding Diet included in a plan for bodybuilders or weightlifters is a bulletproof diet for muscle gain and shredded body management, only if the right sushi is selected off course. DO NOT EAT SUSHI LIKE YOU SEE BELOW ON THE PHOTO! Salmon Sushi Bodybuilding Diet


References to support Sushi Bodybuilding Diet

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