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Rhodiola rosea is known as an adaptogen, which is a substance that improves the body’s response to mental, emotional or physical stress. Add rhodiola rosea pure OZpowder to your sport regimen if you are looking to increase energy, decrease mental fatigue and improve mood and sport performance.


Sport Benefits of Rhodiola – Giving Athletes Mental Clarity and Focus.

Stay Cool. Let the Other Guy Overheat!

Mental strength has long been an under-practiced skill in sport at all levels. Tapping into one’s athletic potential is the most difficult aspect of performance for any sportsman – so often a player will train his body to an extremely capable level, but will be let down by the fragility of his confidence or a lack of perseverance. Confidence and determination, although combining to consist of a large portion of what is considered to be mental strength, are not the only factors. The ability to handle external pressure and the physical symptoms of nervous energy such as lethargy and feelings of weakness are also important tools in reaching one’s potential.

Mental strength is, of course, a continuum along which we all exist. Some are further along this path than others, as is evident by certain players’ fortitude and consistency. It may change from time to time or during a season, as we get older or as we become more experienced. It is, however, something that can and must be practiced and can be greatly improved, especially as so little time and effort has been put into improving it thus far.

Add rhodiola rosea to your regimen if you are looking to increase energy, decrease mental fatigue and improve mood and performance.

1Take 200 to 500 mg of rhodiola rosea upon rising to start off your day with more energy and focus. Take rhodiola rosea with a balanced breakfast or protein shake for best results.
2Take another 200 to 500 mg of rhodiola rosea at midday to maintain mental focus and physical performance throughout the day. Rhodiola does not create a buzz feeling like caffeine or other stimulants, but it is known for sustaining energy for two or three hours, and maybe longer for some users.
3Use a  a serving of liquid rhodiola rosea from a tincture into your pre-workout drink. Using rhodiola before a workout can help maintain high energy levels the whole way through, while preventing the “crash” associated with stimulant energy products.
4Have another serving of rhodiola rosea in your post-workout shake to help with recovery. This herb helps the body balance stress hormones such as cortisol, which can negatively affect your workout results. Cortisol breaks down muscle tissue and promotes fat-storage when you want your body to do the opposite.
5Take a phase or cycle approach to rhodiola rosea usage. For example, during stressful periods or high-intensity training, take rhodiola rosea twice per day for balance. This is particularly useful for progressive weight-training, when you downshift to prevent overproduction of cortisol. After two to four weeks of use, cycle off for two to four weeks, then repeat.


Medicinal Benefits of Rhodiola.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen, and acts in a similar fashion as ginseng. In traditional medicine, rhodiola root was prepared as a tea, and given in treatment of colds, anemia and to enhance fertility and sexual function. Modern research suggests rhodiola support memory and focus, and relieve depression. Clinical trials have found Rhodiola rosea roots and rhizomes demonstrated anti-depressive activity in patients with mild to moderate depression, with less drug/herb interaction than the better known St. Johns Wort.

Rhodiola Side Effects: Use the smallest recommend dose of rhodiola that provides a benefit when treating depression, or erectile dysfunction. In larger doses it becomes a sedative. Not suitable for bipolar disorders. Do use use while pregnant.

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