TESTSET™ Natural Testosterone Booster Powder

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Natural Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilding Diet.

Are you ready to get BIG?  TESTSET™ is a NATURAL testosterone booster, a complex of high grade plant extracts in most pure form, that mimic and amplify the action of testosterone to make your muscles harder, stronger, and fuller. TESTSET™ also possesses strong anti-oxidant and metabolic/anabolic properties which will change the way you train. TESTSET™ is a non-stim muscle builder that will give your great full volumizing pumps, boost testosterone, promote lean mass and enhance libido and endurance. When adding TESTSET™ to your arsenal, everything gets better!  TESTSET™ also helps define your physique by keeping fat levels in check for that hard look you have been going for. Grab your package today and make changes to your body that will have you TESTSET™.

Who is it for?

TESTSET is for men looking to naturally and legally increase their levels of testosterone production, and hence their lean mass and strength, add stamina and speed up recovery, give mental clarity and focus.

One package is for one month supply.



Performance, Endurance, Stamina, Fast Recovery.

Natural Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilding Diet and Sexual Performance.

OZ-POWDER-for Bodybuilding Diet Natural Testosteron Booster

What is it TESTSET™?

TESTSET™ is exactly what its name suggests it is. It’s a powder designed to increase testosterone levels. This is done through a range of 100% natural, pure, high grade and legal ingredients that will help to increase your natural levels of testosterone production within normal limits.

First Impressions.

TESTSET™contains a range of bio-active ingredients. Some of these plants have been used in various forms of traditional medicines, mostly for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and increasing libido.

Difference from Competition

Although most ingredients used in TESTSET™ are known to the educated public, this formulation is very unique to testosterone boosting supplement market. To our knowledge, they have yet to appear in other formulas and in such a pure high grade forms. This is something that has become quite characteristic of OZpowder, as they are the leaders of purity and top grade powders. It probably won’t be long before you see some similar blends popping up in products from other manufacturers, however its imperative to understand the power of TESTSET™ is not only a unique blend but also has the purity of top grade high concentration extracts and freshness of the powder itself. OZpowder is very proud to declare that their ingredients would be shipped to you from supplier immediately after extraction process.

Powerful natural product from highest grade extracts
Long lasting positive effects
Aids exercise recovery for bodybuilders and athletes naturally
Improve male intimate functions without “blue pill”
Improve hormone levels in men naturally
Highest natural potency available
Impressive muscle power improvements for bodybuilders naturally and legally
Increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention

Of Particular Interest

What is of particular interest is not whether or not TESTSET OZpowder will be an effective and popular supplement, because all High Grade Pure Powder products are. Rather, it’s a question of HOW popular it will become. TESTSET Powder – Supplement Couture,  is a very new product concept on the market, and it therefore lacks the cult following.  Though it will only be a matter of time before this happens.!

Who is it for?

TESTSET™ is for men looking to naturally and legally increase their levels of testosterone production, and hence their lean mass and strength, add stamina and speed up recovery, give mental clarity and focus.
Some people have gotten the impression that TESTSET is only pre-workout supplement. If you are looking to try some TESTSET™, remember, it is primary a testosterone booster and recovery aid, not only pre-workout. It gives you massive increases in strength and exercise performance, but only after a few weeks of use. Saying that, most people who train regular in a gym do experience a significant increase in energy or pump on the first days and we have plenty of testimonials.

Flavour & Mixability

Mixing well with water – TESTSET™ is fine grade powder blend after all, not cheap stale “grass” from internet. Taste is bitter due high-grade concentration. The bitter – the more potent! We suggest mixing 1 g of TESTSET™ with a small amount of warm water to form a paste and to a glass of orange juice. Will taste like a grapefruit juice. Enjoy!

The only negative with TESTSET™ is that, at the moment, the product lacks proper marketing.


Q.  What is TESTSET™?
A.  TESTSET™ is a NATURAL testosterone booster, resulting in increase muscle mass, strength, and fat loss.

Q.  How does it accomplish this?
A.  Through the combination of ingredients listed below.

Q.  How should I dose this?
A.  Take 1g (approximately half a teaspoon), twice daily
with meal. If over 90kg take three times daily with meals.

Q.  Do I need to take this with food?
A.  TESTSET Powder has bitter taste, for this reason we suggest you take it with orange juice.  Serving suggestion: Mix 1g of TESTSET with a small amount of warm water to form a paste. Add to a glass of orange juice.

Q.  How long can I take this?
A.  Take TESTSET for 5 days then cease for 2 days and repeat, cycles are of most benefit.


FENUGREEK – SEED EXTRACT – check here properties

RHODIOLA ROSEA  – ROOT EXTRACT – check here properties



Horny Goat, Testosterone, and Muscular Health. Epimidium HGW 20 is a premium grade pure Horny Goat Weed Extract at the super potent strength of 20% Icariins, which is up to 5 times stronger than many “proprietary blends” or cheaper high street brands. Some other brands use an unclearly defined strength ratio of something 1:20 but the small print often reveals an Icariins level as low as 5%, which is almost as low as it is possible to get.
Horny Goat Weed, also sometimes referred to as Epimedium, is recognised as a useful male hormone booster which may increase male intimate functions. Men have reported increases in performance equal to the “blue pill” from using a potent extract such as our 20% Icariins but without the side effects. Whilst the effects are not the same as the “blue pill” and will take several days for a positive effect to be felt, with regular doses the benefits can be much longer lasting. It is believed to increase nitric oxide levels making it invaluable in exercise recovery for serious bodybuilders and athletes.

Why ECDYSTERONE so Effective?

Ecdysterone, Testosterone, and Muscular Health. TESTSET™ contains ecdysterone which helps to support healthy hormone levels in men. When hormone levels are in check, the body is able to repair itself and grow more quickly. Ecdysterone has been popular with athletes as an alternative to steroids, even earning the name the “Russian Secret” due to allegations that Russian olympians have used it to enhance performance.
Research out of Russia has found that ecdysterone, combined with a high protein diet, promotes moderate gains in lean muscle mass and reductions in body fat up to 10%. Some research has shown that ecdysterone has a wider anabolic action than methandrostenolone and Dianabol, two powerful anabolic steroids.  It sounds like a tall order but in 2003, Japanese researchers also reported that phytosteroids were found to boost sex hormones, including testosterone, in animal models.


Additional information

Weight 60 g

3 reviews for TESTSET™ Natural Testosterone Booster Powder

  1. 5 out of 5


  2. 5 out of 5

    Incredibly fast results increased strength and energy, two weeks only… becoming real addict to the staff. taste bad but get use to it – benefits are grate

  3. 5 out of 5

    This gives you clean energy. Not a booster but a sustained concentration of energy throughout your day and your entire workout. The taste isnt so great but I vouch 100% for the results. Increases power, better train of thought and bigger appetite. Have it on a full stomach and feel the power! You have to try it.

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