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FormulaOZ - Natural Bodybuilding Diet

Testosterone Booster & Bodybuilding Diet

Testosterone Booster & Bodybuilding Diet /



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WHY BIO-ACTIVE supplement EXTRACTS and LIQUID meals are BEST TOGETHER to gain muscles, weight loss programs and natural testosterone boost.

To gain muscles fast, raise testosterone to the roof,  keep your body lean you need to think about DIET and SUPPLEMENTS.

FormulaOZ ™  SUPPLEMENTS by OZpowders™ and  FUSEmeal DIET combined all together is most powerful way to get all of the nutrients you need to keep you fit, healthy, lean and build your body fast.


Our philosophy is to provide you the menu of highest grade natural supplements recommendations and recipes with 100% fresh ingredients that have not been processed (or minimally processed). These includes fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, whole beans, whole nuts, minimally processed oils, lean protein sources, fresh herbs and spices. In a nutshell food in its original form as it was grown, raised or caught in the wild and natural supplements with the highest bio-activity.

Using fresh unprocessed ingredients we create nutritious meals that have good carbs (mostly fresh fruits & vegetables), good proteins (lean poultry, seafood and protein powder), and good fats (expelled pressed unrefined oils). And getting the best of the liquid meal, we can easy add dry extract ingredients to increase nutritional value from the FormulaOZ range without adding unwanted calories or the protein powder from your stack.

It can be difficult to do intense workouts, train and eat all healthy food in today’s busy world. You may not like certain veggies, or you’re too busy to cook, or you have to gain the muscle mass fast, or if you bodybuilder, you have to eat too much. Drinking some or part of your meals, eating marshy food makes it easy to do. Think about baby diet. Babies hate some food, they have to eat a lot to grow, they have fragile digestive system, they need to stay healthy ans support new immune system… We adopted baby food concept to the fitness/health diet – to make you grow and fit.

Liquid Blended Mushed FUSEmeal can be made in minutes. The blended flavor allows you to eat foods you wouldn’t ordinarily eat because you’re not chewing them separately. And you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting the proper balance of truly healthy foods.

There is a lot of confusion today about what the proper diet is, what constitutes healthy food, what natural or organic means, and who to rely on for proper information. On these blog we offer current and honest information about food. Where to find it, what to look out for, what questions to ask.

We believe in the premise that if you eat the best quality food and supplements possible that you give yourself the best chance to be fittest, recover fast from intense training and free from disease, you feel better mentally and physically, and you potentially extend your life.

The Founder of this site – Irina Kalonatchi, has been eating this way for many years. She was created food in liquid form due to experimental reasons. She asked herself, if I have to eat every two hours, small healthy meals, what do I want to be eating? It soon became obvious to her that there was no reason to eat anything but the freshest food she could find. Then she realized that there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to do the same thing, including her bodybuilder husband.

We all want to be fit, healthy, feel good and live long, don’t we?
We look forward to partnering, pioneering, experimenting with you in your quest for the best nutrition nature can provide.

Why buy high-grade HERBAL extracts from FormulaOZ.com?

Well, all of our precious bio-active powders are coming to us immediately after being extracted by manufacture.
This makes our plant powders medicinally super strong as well as nutrient dense like no others. Don’t settle for cheap and stale product in tablets or capsules sitting on the shelf for months  when it comes to your health and training. Buy at FormulaOZ only for the best in natural performance. Our advanced bio-technology extracted powders is as potency strong and nutrient dense as ever!

Why extracts from FormulaOZ.com are best priced supplements?

FormulaOZ was founded with a simple idea, that people can save money by buying what they want, not what they don’t want.

How is shopping  here different from shopping at any other online supplement store? At FormulaOZ you won’t find products filled with extra ingredients that you probably don’t want. With most of the dietary supplements on the market containing fillers and additives, and packaged in excessive, bulky packaging you wind up paying for more than the cost of what you wanted to buy in the first place… the supplement. Instead, they supply you with the pure, simple and un-altered supplement without any of the flavors, anti-caking agents and additives you will find in products elsewhere.


For more NATURAL Bodybuilding Diet, Lean Body Meals and Testosterone Boosting Tips, Know-How to unleash the powers of NATURAL FormulaOZ Extracts and get the dream body you always craving for, please subscribe to this BLOG, follow us on Twitter, LOVE us on Facebook, follow us on Linkedin,  follow us on Instagram #formulaoz page or shoot us an email!

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