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Controversial Diet Product Raspberry Ketone Hits Market

Diet Product Raspberry Ketone a Miracle Fat Burner — But Should It Be Available Over the Counter?

A new dietary supplement containing an extract from red raspberries is currently the hottest diet product in the U.S. For years, we have been drawn to raspberries because of their vibrant colour and sweet, tangy taste. Nutritionists are now learning that these fabulous fruits also contain ketones and believe that they are as healthy and beneficial to the body as they are delicious! In fact, raspberry ketones seem to be one of nature’s best kept secrets for helping people live healthy, boost their energy, and feel great!  — but not without controversy.

Critics say the compound — called raspberry ketone — causes such a significant amount of weight loss that it runs the risk of being abused by non-dieters. Proponents argue that research shows the nutrient to be both safe and effective and that banning the natural compound would be akin to banning vitamins.

One thing people on both sides can agree on is the controversial new supplement works.

Several recent studies from Japan show that raspberry ketones — which are chemically similar to capsaicin, the heat compound from chile peppers — significantly increases fat oxidation (burning), especially the fat that builds up in the liver.

In 2010, Korean researchers reported that raspberry ketone increased fat cells’ secretion of a hormone called adiponectin that regulates the processing of sugars and fats in the blood. The reported benefits are impressive: Increased total weight loss, including a significant reduction of abdominal fat — with zero side effects.

In fact, not only were there not any side effects, but a 2012 study from China found that raspberry ketones had several health benefits — including improved cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity, and reduced fat in the liver.

And if all that weren’t reason enough to have desperate slimmers stocking up, one of America’s leading medical doctors is a fan, recently calling raspberry ketones (mentioning no specific brand) a promising fat-loss supplement on his Emmy-winning daytime TV show. Click here to watch the episode.

Results in Five Days?

Raspberry ketones are the compounds within raspberries that give the fruit its characteristic aroma. More important to dieters, however, is the recent research showing these compounds can also melt away the pounds.

According to Lisa Lynn, a leading weight-loss expert and television health contributor, many of her clients have been supplementing with raspberry ketones and experiencing stunning fat-loss results in as few as ivee days.

Lynn described the compounds as “very healthy” with “no side effects” and says the pills enable the body to “burn fat easier” by stimulating the production of adiponectin, a hormone found in fatty tissue that improves our ability to metabolize fat.

Studies show that thin people have higher levels of adiponectin than overweight individuals. What’s more, researchers agree that the hormone improves insulin sensitivity and helps regulate weight.

Diet Product Raspberry Ketone Bodybuilding diet tips

‘Too Much’ Weight Loss?

Word-of-mouth marketing has led to raspberry ketones rivaling Alli as the most popular diet Raspberry Ketone product in America today. However, some argue raspberry ketones may, in fact, cause too much of a weight reduction to be offered over-the-counter and therefore should be regulated like Xenical and other prescription diet aids.

According to a study entitled Anti-Obese Actions of Raspberry Ketones published in the journal Life Sciences, researchers from Japan found raspberry ketones seem to have a very strong effect at increasing lypolisis (the burning of fat) within fat cells. Indeed, Lynn notes that some of her clients have seen results in as little as five days — an effect greater than most prescription diet pills.

This has some weight-managment experts fearing the new super slimmer may, in fact, cause too much weight loss and may be abused by people who have no business taking it. Indeed, according to a new study from reserachers at Norway’s Department of Public Health, nearly one-quarter (23%) of normal-weight individuals considers themselves overweight — and were therefore four times more likely to misuse diet aids in an unwarranted attempt to lose weight.

Experts like Lynn say the slimming aid should only be used by overweight individuals, not vanity seekers, in conjunction with healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Social Media Buzzing with Success Stories

Whether or not raspberry ketone causes “too much” weight loss doesn’t concern the tens of Raspberry Ketone Diet thousands of dieters rushing to use it.

Thrilled ketone supplementers all over the country are taking to social portals to share their success stories. In the comments section of one popular health website, dozens of comments give glowing endorsements.

“I’ve lost 60 pounds since January,” writes Bret K. of Rock River, Iowa. “Before I started taking it in conjunction with a low-calorie but healthy diet and light exercise, I was only losing about 1 pound a week. After I started using it, I was consistently losing almost 3 pounds a week. It may be a fluke, but I believe it helped speed up my metabolism.”

“I have been taking raspberry ketone for a month now and have lost 13 lbs and 2 inches off of my waist,” writes Lori H. of Beverly,Massachusetts.

You Be the Judge…

Does raspberry ketone deliver weight-loss wonders? Well, judge for yourself. While the supplement is currently advertised all over the Internet, be cautious about where you buy because a high percentage of raspberry ketone supplements advertised online are actually low-quality producta. We recommend the raspberry ketone product offered from FormulaOZ at www.FormulaOZ.com (see button below).

The product is in pure powder form, tested for quality control and highest potency. What’s more, the company offers a 100% risk-free trial of the product for subscribers, with each serving providing the same dosage used in the clinical research.

Highest Strength, 700mg of PURE Raspberry Ketone Number one miracle in a white powder form 100% PURE Raspberry Ketone, don’t buy cheap low grade extracts or poor quality formulas Do not trust “Free Trial Websites” Always read their T&C, you will be shocked!

Why buy FormulaOZ Raspberry Ketone Powder?

FormulaOZ’s Raspberry Ketone is the highest strength PURE Raspberry Ketone available. It’s 100% natural and US manufactured in our GMP facility.  We never use any filler ingredients or chemical compounds. Each dose is safe, effective, and contains no stimulants. As a powder form, you can use this product in the smoothies and shakes.


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