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Why cooked SALMON sometimes smells fishy, even when it’s fresh:

Why cooked salmon sometimes smells.

Salmon may be known as a fatty fish, but it’s not the same kind of fat found in processed foods, fast food or in red meat. The oil in salmon is a polyunsaturated fat, or PUFA, which is mostly found in plant-based foods and oils. Unlike saturated and trans fats, which should be limited to less than 7 percent of your daily caloric intake, healthy fats like PUFAs can make up 25 to 35 percent of your daily caloric intake. The health benefits of salmon include proper cardio vascular health, muscle and tissue development, eye care, effective body metabolism, etc.
Salmon’s unsaturated fat is the one responsible for a fishy smell when salmon cooked. 
cooked salmon benefits

First it helps to know that there are two different kinds of ‘fishy’: one is a sign of spoilage; the other is an indication of the presence of healthy fats. The flesh of all fish contains an odorless, nonvolatile chemical called trimethylamine oxide (or TMAO). During storage, bacteria on the surface of the raw fish convert TMAO into a volatile compound called trimethylamine (TMA), which produces the unmistakable smell of rotten fish.

The fishy smell of cooked salmon (and other fatty fish such as mackerel and tuna) comes from a different source. Salmon fat is highly unsaturated, which makes it susceptible to oxidation when cooked. Oxidation causes the breakdown of the fatty acids into strong-smelling aldehydes, which are the source of salmon’s characteristic flavor.

Apparently, the more you cook the fish, the higher the level of aldehydes, and the stronger the odor.

cooked salmon

Calories count for raw versus cooked salmon.

Cooking salmon does little to change the caloric content. One oz. of raw salmon, such as the kind used to make sushi, contains 58 calories. Sockeye salmon, native to North American waters, cooked in a dry heat has 60 calories per oz. Where you can run into trouble are the ingredients you add to your recipe. One serving of nigiri, which is a piece of salmon on top of a serving of white, sticky rice, has about 68 calories. A full serving of salmon sushi, typically six pieces, may contain up to 400 calories. Grilling a 3-oz. serving of salmon won’t alter the calorie content, but the olive oil or butter you used to prepare the fish will. A half tbsp. of olive oil has about 60 calories. A half tbsp. of butter has about 50 calories. Slathering your fillet in these flavor enhancers ups your calorie intake of a 3-oz. salmon fillet to roughly 170 to 180 calories. Eating salmon raw is easier way to control calories intake then cooked. And you done have the smell at all!

The health benefits of eating raw or cooked salmon include the following:

* Muscles, Tissues, Enzymes, Hormones etc.: Proteins or amino acids are essential components of our cells, tissues, enzymes, hormones and every other body part. The proteins from salmon (and most other fishes) are easy digestible and easily absorbed into the body. They do neither have any adverse side effects nor contain carcinogenic compounds, like other meats do. Salmons are also source of good fat (omega-3 fatty acids) which also plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. Salmon is also rich in some of the very essential minerals like iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus and vitamins like A, B and D. Selenium, which is very necessary for building up of tissues, hair, nails etc., is best obtained from animal proteins and among which, salmon is one of the best.
* Cardio-Vascular Health: While the Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce cholesterol, maintain flexibility of arteries and veins and strengthen cardiac muscles, the essential amino acids repair damages to the cardio-vascular tissues. They help reduce the blood pressure too, as they lower cholesterol level and prevent hardening of walls of arteries and veins, thereby considerably reducing the chances of heart attack.
* Metabolism: The Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-D and selenium, together help increase influence of insulin, thereby facilitating absorption of sugar and consequent lowering of blood sugar level.
* Eye Care: Again, the Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids help prevent macular degeneration, dryness, loss of vision and fatigue of eyes. It is a proven fact that people who eat fishes regularly or more than others, have better vision than others, longer.
* Brain & Nerves: The Omega-3 fatty acids increase efficiency of the brain, improves memory and keep it wide awake during long working hours. In company with the amino acids, vitamin-A & D and selenium, these fatty acids protect nervous system from damages from aging, act as anti depressant, relaxes the brain and are also helpful in treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps that is why the fish eaters are supposed to be more intelligent than the meat eaters.
* Other Benefits: Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation of the arteries and digestive system, reduce chances of cancer of colon, prostrate and kidneys etc., improve skin texture, add shining to eyes, skin, hair and nails and help in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon. The fatter the salmon, the more nutritious and healthy it is. It is a good protein supplement of older or sick people too, being easy digestible.

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