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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLanne, Bruce Lee Diet Tips

DIET Tips From 3 of Top 100 Fittest Men of All Time Inspire Health and Fitness Greatness.

Men’s Health announced its list of “100 Fittest Men of All-Time,” including such fitness greats as Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the man called the “godfather of fitness,” Jack LaLanne.

Number 4 Jack LaLanne.

Coming in at number four is nutritionist, author and bodybuilding icon Jack LaLanne,  is an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional diet expert, celebrity, lecturer, and motivational speaker who is widely referred to as “The Godfather of Fitness”. LaLanne gained worldwide recognition for his success as a bodybuilder, and for his incredible and prodigious acts of strength and endurance.
In addition to opening one of the first “modern gyms” as we know them today at the age of 21, LaLanne also hosted the longest running fitness show ever, “The Jack LaLanne Show.”

Your Health Account is Your Wealth Account!

LaLanne also authored several books including books about DIET :“Live Young Forever,”Slim and Trim DIET and Exercise Guide“, and “Total Juicing,” which highlighted the bodybuilder’s firm belief in the importance of juicing for health. The book included more than 125 unique ways to use fresh fruit and vegetable juices and pulpit to achieve optimum health. Though LaLanne passed away in January 2011, his legacy lives on as one of the greatest fitness figures of all time.

Jack LaLanne fervently believes every human being can attain maximum body health and fitness if they will practice moderation, eat the most natural foods, and exercise on a regular basis.

Here are a few of Jack’s words of wisdom:

  • Your waistline is your lifeline.
  • Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.
  • Don’t exceed the feed limit.
  • The food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow.
  • Ten seconds on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.
  • Better to wear out than rust out
  • First we inspire them, then we perspire them.
  • You eat everyday, you sleep everyday, and your body was made to exercise everyday.
  • If man makes it, don’t eat it.
  • If it tastes good, spit it out.
  • Your health account is like your bank account: The more you put in, the more you can take out.
  • If one apple is good, you wouldn’t eat 100.

Number 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The third fittest man on the top 100 list is no stranger to a bikini. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a movie star-turned politician that has made quite the name for himself as one of the great bodybuilders of all time. As reported by Men’s Health, at his prime Schwarzenegger was capable of a 470-pound squat, 440-pound bench press and 680-pound deadlift. As if that isn’t impressive enough, he also secured Mr. Olympia at the age of 23, making him the youngest man ever to hold the coveted title.

His fitness career blossomed into a Hollywood acting career where he starred in such classic roles as Conan the Barbarian, the Terminator and Hercules. Though Schwarzenegger is now nearing 70 years old, he is still in incredible shape and continues to be an inspiration of health and fitness to many.

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s view, to gain weight and muscles, there should a proper DIET PLAN that should consist of nutritious food and this is the basic formula to be adopted first to get an amazing body. Along with this a proper physical training is a must for body building.

In Arnold’s view, body and muscle does not come overnight. It needs all the 4 principles that need to be followed everyday: proper training, workout routine, diet plan and mental approach.
Arnold Schwarzenegger always goes for natural food in his daily diet, rather than eating processed food. He said that natural food are more nutritious and easy to digest.
He ate small protein diet after every 3 hours. These small diets were contain 25-30 grams of protein.
He use to mix his heavy calorie and light calorie diets so as to make sure that his digestive metabolism should work fine.
He use to eat whole eggs, meat and large amount of milk products during his body building process days.
Arnold’s daily protein diet contains at least one glass of protein shake.
Arnold use to follow his fitness regime only 4 days a week. He said that “rest is needed to repair the muscles after workout”.
He use to eat carbs after his workout.
He use to take beef and pork as substitute to fish and chicken.

Number 2 Bruce Lee.

The number two man on the top 100 list is another big screen star, Bruce Lee. Though Lee stood at just 5 foot 7 inches and weighed 125 pounds, the pint-sized action star was nothing but muscle and made his name in the fitness world as an actor, a martial arts instructor, film director, film producer and the founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement. He was the most famous martial artist ever and although many have tried to fulfill his shoes, none could ever do that.  .Of Lee, Schwarzenegger once said, “Bruce Lee had a very – and I mean very – defined physique. He probably had one of the lowest body fat counts of any athlete around…He was one of a kind, an idol.”

Though Lee died in 1973, the man known as “Hong Kong’s favorite son” continues to influence martial artists and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Bruce Lee DIET is often searched for online as people try to find the secret of the Bruce Lee Diet that gives the right combination of a well-built physique.

High Protein Shakes were a regular staple of the Bruce Lee Diet!

Bruce Lee was very serious about his diet, exercise, and nutrition. Bruce had developed an interest in eating very healthy high protein foods and high-protein drinks. Bruce Lee was also known to use vitamin and mineral supplements. To achieve his high level of performance, he knew he could not fill his body full of junk foods. Bruce Lee also avoided baked goods and refined flour, describing them as providing calories which did nothing for his body.

The Bruce Lee Diet was comprised of lots of fruit and green veggies every day. Bruce Lee preferred to eat traditional Chinese or other Asian food because he loved the variety that it had. Some of Bruce’s favorite Chinese dishes were beef in oyster sauce, tofu and steak and liver. He also became a heavy advocate of dietary supplements, including Vitamin C, Lecithin granules, bee pollen, Shilajit, Vitamin E, rose hips (liquid form), wheat germ oil, Acerola – C and B-Folia, and brewer’s yeast.

He drank royal honey and ginseng daily. He would drink this right before a  high energy action scene. As Bruce said “I take a little Royal Jelly beforehand and Voom! My energy levels are perfect” He did drink green drinks, protein drinks and his own personal mixtures.


Bruce Lee was no muscle maniac but he did train and did gain some weight. The weight training program that Lee used during a stay in Hong Kong in 1965 at only 24 years old placed heavy emphasis on his arms. At that time he could perform bicep curls at a weight of 70 to 80lbs for three sets of eight repetitions, along with other forms of exercises, such as squats, push-ups, reverse curls, concentration curls, French presses, and both wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. The repetitions he performed were 6 to 12 reps. While this method of training targeted his fast and slow twitch muscles, it later resulted in weight gain or muscle mass, placing Bruce a little over 160 lbs.

Number 1 Michael Phelps.

The man who comes in at number one is also the most decorated Olympian of all time. Michael Phelps, born on June 30, 1985, officially retired from competitive swimming this year after another amazing showing at the 2012 London Olympic Games in London. His performance there left him with a total of 18 Olympic gold medals. To check his Swimmer DIET,  please check  his blog, but here we are concentrating more on the tips for the bodybuilding diet.   http://www.michaelphelps.net/michael-phelps-diet/

Bruce Lee Diet Protein Milkshake Recipe

Bruce Lee loved high protein milkshakes and drank them daily. Here is a high protein milkshake recipe for you to try. Add this milkshake to your daily diet. This is the same type of milkshake that Bruce Lee would have used in his daily diet.


2 scoops vanilla protein
1/2 tbsp sugar-free pistachio pudding mix
1 mint leaf or a few drops peppermint extract (optional)
1 few drops green food coloring (optional)
8 oz cold water or low-fat milk
3-5 ice cubes

1. Add Ingredients to blender
2. Blend
3. Pour in Cup
4. Drink

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